Monday, February 28, 2005

Electoral College

Today, once again, [sigh] I read in the newspaper another misunderstanding of the much-maligned electoral college system. Government seems so simple, right? All it takes is giving everyone a vote, counting them up, and then doing what most of the people want, right? Right? The purpose of government is not to facilitate majority rule, but to impede majority rule so as to protect the minority. The electoral college is not "fair", nor was it intended to be "fair". It is an equitable arrangement; it is not an equal arrangement. Equity is a deliberate distortion to correct the injustice of an equal situation. For example, if all calories were apportioned equally, some people would starve while others got fat. An equitable arrangement would distribute calories according to need--even though it isn't "fair". The electoral college protects a minority, the rural minority. Without the electoral college, no candidate would ever visit North Dakota. Without the electoral college, if the rural demographic disagreed strongly with the urban/suburban demographics, they would be outvoted in every election. Thus the electoral college is unfair in order to defend the North Dakotans from de facto disenfranchisement.


Anonymous Philosopher Poet said...

Majority Rule means Moronic Rule. The stupid buggers breed faster than us. Smart people should have more kids.

2:42 AM  

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