Saturday, March 05, 2005

Ukraine's Michael Jackson Case

Government-sponsored murder is so much more interesting than creepy men on trial for being creepy. I've been reading about a current Ukrainian court case, involving the beheading of anti-government journalist Hyrohiy Gongadze. Former Minister of the Interior Yuri Kravchenko was a star witness--he was allegedly ordered to "get rid of" this turbulent priest (a little historical reference for you there). Now Kravchenko has been found dead in his home with a gun in his hand. Several newspapers have reported that he had multiple gunshot wounds (a difficult accomplishment for suicides). The suspicion that it was murder, even if it was a legitimate suicide, has been planted in countless minds. His death may save the defense from jail time, but it has also saved them from the burden of running for office again. From a political standpoint, the former regime should have begun "demanding justice" for Gongadze. By "demanding justice" instead of creating a scapegoat or closing ranks, the former regime could avoid falling if several individuals were found guilty, yet it could also ride their coattails if they are exonerated. Furthermore, by doing everything in its power to speed the trail along, the former regime would have reduced the popular suspicion, or trial by media, that it is enduring.


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