Friday, April 08, 2005

Modern Mythology

If you think about it, the myths we read from ancient people were the most logical, and scientific explanation they could come up with. Why was there lightning? Obviously, it was a weapon of the gods. That started me thinking of what people three thousand years from now will think of our science. Thus I present modern mythology:

In the beginning there was nothing but the gods. It was not cold, dark, and empty, for there was no cold, no darkness, no emptiness. Only the gods were. Then the great god Big Bang called the lesser gods to him and said, "What is there to speak to our glory? Who shall praise us for the works of our hands? Let us create. Then our creation will turn to us in awe and wonder at what we have made."

So the great god Big Bang opened his mouth, and from it poured, with the force of a billion novae, the energy that spread to form the universe. Some condensed into matter, some stayed as energy, but most the god held back, hidden from the rest, as dark energy, or ether, that wove the universe together.

Then Big Bang summoned the god Probability to his side. "Find for me a place in the universe I have made, suitable to show the glory of the gods." So the god Probability cast his lots amount the galaxies, and the Milky Way was taken. He cast them again amongst the hundreds of thousands of stars, and Sol was taken. He cast amount the planets, and the binary world of Earth-Luna was taken. Probability looked upon Earth, with its sister planet giving its oceans movement, with its rotation the right speed, and its tilt perfect for seasons, with the star Sol just the right distance away and the orbit perfectly timed, but mostly, he looked at the oceans, full of minerals from the thousands of volcanoes in the new land. He cast his lots again, and it fell to a tidal pool, formed by the lava of a slowly seeping volcano, and he struck it with a bolt of lightning. A chemical reaction began, a reaction which was able to incorporate the minerals around it to make more of itself. Then the god Probability rested.

Big Bang called the god Deep Time to him and spake, "I wish that nothing should happen to what Probability has made. There shall be no eruptions, comets, floods, or other disasters that might destroy these fragile beginnings. Make it so." So Deep Time stood as a wall around the pool, the planet, the solar system. Through countless ages he stood.

Big Bang called the twin goddesses Adaptive Mutation, the creator, and Natural Selection, the destroyer, and said to them, "Go, and make worshipers for us. Make those who will recognize our greatness." So the goddess Natural Selection came like the angel of death and began smiting the creations, but the ones touched by the hand of her sister she could not destroy. Protected by Deep Time, the goddesses labored through the ages, and, to their glory, they continue to work even though they have created those who could awe and wonder.

And this is how we are to worship. We are to imitate the gods, to make copies of what they have done. With our nuclear reactors and particular accelerators we are to worship the god Big Bang. With our SETI program we are to search the skies, as Probability has done. With our dating methods, we are to follow the path of Deep Time. By breeding and genetic engineering, we shall worship Natural Selection and Adaptive Mutation. And thusly will the great god Big Bang be pleased, and he will not swallow the universe and spew it forth anew.


Blogger Noumenon said...

Your prose kind of reminds me of Isaac Asimov's story about Multivac creating the universe.

With our nuclear reactors and particular accelerators we are to worship the god Big Bang... By breeding and genetic engineering, we shall worship Natural Selection and Adaptive Mutation.

You know, if regular worship worked this well, they wouldn't have to buy the bread for Communion.

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