Saturday, June 04, 2005


Lest you think that all is bad and stinky at my place o' employment, I'm going to tell you about one thing that my company does right: safety. We not only comply with all of OSHA's rules--truly comply, not sneak around it when we can--but we also actively seek out potential safety hazards. Furthermore, when someone suggests that a safety hazard might exist, they study it and take care of it. Today I suggested that we relabel the controls on a piece of machinery to make them more logical and less confusing, and thus much safer. It was approved in approximately 90 seconds. Gotta love it.


Blogger Noumenon said...

I agree, one reason I work there is every time I came back after nine months at school everything had gotten a lot safer and easier to use.

The relabeling is not always a 90 minutes thing. It took years for them to take Floyd's suggestion that they paint the corners of the dumpers orange so people would not run into them when they were raised. Credit your Super-visor for that.

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