Sunday, July 24, 2005

Mars Bars II

Noumenon made a very good comment, which many people won't read, so I'd thought I'd post it and add my comments.

So--what if we do find independently originated life on Mars? Wow! We will know twice as much about the origin of life as we did previously. We'll know that explanations based on random chance should be dismissed almost immediately.

Finding extraterrestrial life would actually be much more of a boost to the creation theory than to the evolution theory, as the probability of divine intervention remains the same regardless. If there is an infinite God, it's no more difficult to create life on every planet, moon, rock, etc., than it is to create life on one perfectly placed planet.


Blogger Hamlette said...

I don't like Mars Bars very well (you can't claim this is off-topic! Look at your title!). They've got chocolate, which is good, and caramel, which is also good. But they have far too much nougat, which I'm not that fond of. This is also the reason I don't like Three Musketeers Bars much either. Too much nougat. A candy bar needs to be truly chewy or truly crunchy, not sorta soft and mushy.

10:38 AM  
Blogger Noumenon said...

Even the scientists would be happy if we found life. They'd have that much more data to help them speculate on reliable processes for life arising from nonlife. (ie it wouldn't solve anything) On the other hand, if we went to Mars and found Earth life that had developed gradually over time with shared features passed down in a historical order, I doubt that would make anyone less likely to believe in a Creator either.

Mars Bars are just cool because they're the original but you hardly ever see them. You feel like the bar ought to be great, because it was the product that made the company.

3:39 PM  

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