Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Here kitty, kitty.

The Economist had a very interesting article this week about restoring part of the North American ecosystem to its prehistoric balance, by importing equivalent animals (such as elephants for mastadons), which would also help preserve these equivalent species, most of which are threatened or endangered in their home habitats. The article is well worth the read, where else will you find the quotation, "It is important to realize that we're not advocating backing up a van full of cheetahs and kicking them out the door." I believe I support this proposal, since, should these large mammals make a nuisance of themselves, they can be disposed of reasonably easily--they're not small, hard to see, and extremely fertile. I have one caveat, any law that permitted the importation and release of such animals must have a clause allowing for the manner and cause for their destruction. We don't want to end up like Australia, with 500,000 camels that we "can't" get rid of.


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