Monday, August 15, 2005

Mother Earth

In another letter to the editor, we find this sentence, which I shall not approach academically, but shall only mock. "We have been beating on one another since Cain slew Abel, but now we're teetering on the edge of destroying no just each other, but earth herself with nuclear and biological weapons."

Earth herself. Not itself. Our dear, dear, Mother Earth. "Your honor, my client, the human race, has been charged with matricide. Yet it takes much more than simply giving birth to be a mother. It takes caring, training, and discipline. 'Mother' Earth, however, shamefully neglected the human race to such an extent that they were tiger food for countless generations. It is only through pluck and ingenuity that my client managed to survive, and as a result developed a great fear of the 'bounties' of 'Mother' Earth. Planetocide, perhaps, but never matricide."


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