Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Ye gods! "Louisiana Goes After Federal Billions!" According to Dante, the sin of greed will only land you in purgatory, but ye gods! For $400 billion, we could pay every resident of Louisiana $89,505.96 to move.


Blogger Noumenon said...

Looking at the article, there's only a $40 billion in the lead now -- and no correction. Maybe you misread?

7:58 AM  
Blogger Octavo Dia said...

My jaw dropped when I read it, so I'm quite confident that it was $400 billion. It's not a number you misread a couple of times. Then there are references later on that make the larger figure seem correct:

"50 billion in grants for storm-ravaged communities"

"13 billion for the Louisiana DOT"

"14 billion for ecosystem restoration"

8:30 AM  

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