Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Men's Health has an article concerning the reasons men buy guns, but this is the best part of the article:

"I use the pink test. If someone ask whether they should buy a gun, I say, 'Do you care if it's pink?' If you have a good and legitimate reason to own and carry a gun as a tool, then it shouldn't matter if it's pink. If you're buying it for machismo reasons, as a [manhood] extender, then you won't want to own a pink gun. If it matters if it's pink, don't buy it."


Anonymous El Professor said...

Some two million crimes a year are prevented just by showing the felon a firearm. (It's hard to be exact; estimates range from 1 to 3.7 million.) So there's a good reason to have a firearm that looks as intimidating as possible, so you won't HAVE to fire it.

In this line of thought, I used to think that one so often read of felons taking guns away from remale cops because they were reluctant to actually pull the trigger, and gave multiple warnings instead. Well, I'm always ready to admit it when I'm wrong; I was wrong. Turns out that women cops use deadly force MORE often than men do. Why? Because they don't have the lesser options. Most men have been in fights; they have drawn and shed blood; and are strong enough to be in one. Women can't usually use "pain compliance measures." That limits their options to two: Draw, and fire. Of course, it isn't that easy, and if the bad guy is interfering you while you are drawing, it's better to be a man so he can't take your gun away and kill you and perhaps four other bystanders with it, as happened in the courthouse killings last summer.

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