Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Self deprecation

I don't mind mocking myself, so long as the mocking is done in a highly entertaining way. For example, I read Leviticus so you don't have to, is a particularly brilliant piece. My particular favorite part is,

"But there's another sort of religiousity out there as well--and it's driven by a desire to point a finger at those different from oneself and say, 'Aha! Unclean!' Christians of this later sort tend to grasp onto two particular books of the Bible, Leviticus from the Old Testament, and Revelation from the New. Never mind so much about all that stuff in between, like the parts where that hippy [sic] guy goes around preaching boring liberal [crap] like 'love' and 'compassion'. Instead, from Leviticus we get a great big laundry list of items about which we can put other people down--and Revelation does a swell job of describing the wrath of God that's going to come down on those heathens."


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