Saturday, December 03, 2005

What would Jesus think?

Here is a letter to the editor in the area paper:

"What would Jesus think of torture, and state-sponsored murder (the death penalty)? What would Jesus think of invading foreign countries and killings tens of thousands of people? What would Jesus think of those who try to take away the rights of minorities, like gays and lesbians? And what would he think of the supporters of these abominations?"

Far be in from me to words in the mouth of God, but I'm pretty sure I know what Jesus would think. Looking at the description, the author has given a fairly accurate description of the world in which Jesus lived--a description more accurate of that time than ours. So what would Jesus think? Apparently, He thought that He had more important things to do, like saving people's souls for eternity.


Blogger Noumenon said...

I like this post. It keeps eating at me trying to figure out where Jesus and Christians fit into politics then, and what good following Jesus' example is when his goals were so much different than they would have been if he had a large established church. It changed the way I think and it's short and pithy.

I tried to link somebody to it today but it was xanga and it wouldn't allow anonymous comments. How dumb is that.

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