Saturday, February 11, 2006

Caricatures Again

After reading yet another article about the caricatures of Mohammed, I would like to say two things. First, the freedom of speech is the freedom to offend. Without the ability to offend, the freedom of speech is essentially meaningless. Perhaps only math can speak with offense, but as soon as it is applied to the real world, math gains the ability to offend, whether in the realm of astronomy or statistics. Without offense, there is not freedom.

Second, what do the rioters hope to accomplish? Those images have made their way into cyberspace. They have essentially achieved immortality. Somewhere, those images remain, and will remain.


Blogger Hamlette said...

Perhaps only math can speak with offense,

I think you meant 'without' offense. Right?

Yeah, I agree, what are they hoping to accomplish? It's not like they can just burn the caricatures and *poof!* they're gone. It seems to me like militant Islamists are just using this as an excuse to stir up trouble and say it's not their fault.

8:53 AM  

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