Sunday, February 05, 2006


I read an article yesterday about how five churches were torched in Alabama. My favorite part of the article? "No motive was known." Let me reword the first sentence of the second paragraph for you, "Fires broke out at five churches (mosques/synagogues)--all within about ten miles from each other..." Replace the word "churches" with either of the options in parentheses. Had the story involved either of these options, there would be no sentence "no motive" in the article. It would, instead, be filled with angst-ridden quotations from legions of professional hand-wringers.


Blogger Noumenon said...

I think in their brain they are remembering the 1998 burnings of black churches and how no one ever really found out what was going on and some argued it was a coincidence. I guess they figured if they just left out the motive because they only had speculation, people would think they were letting the conclusion state itself, like how an accident report reads different if it doesn't include, "Alcohol was not a factor in the crash."

(this sounds like a post i really believe in but really I'm not all that into it.)

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