Friday, February 10, 2006

Reader's Digest

Not that I want to mock the Reader's Digest, except that I do, since it is a highly irrelevant publication living off the subscriptions of people who have always read the Reader's Digest. So I would like to draw your attention to the cover of this month's issue, which has, taking up approximately half of the front cover, the headline: "Money Alert: 10 New Scams to Avoid." Well, let me see, um, DUH! Unless the article was about which scams to get in on before all the suckers got soaked and there was none left for you, (which, I must admit, would be a very interesting article) the very nature of a "scam" is that it is something one wants to avoid. If a publication needs to explain to its readers that scams are to be avoided, I should hack into its subscriber database and set myself up as a Nigerian businessman.


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