Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Three Strikes

I was just reading about three strikes laws, and how they're supposed to deter crime by making sentences more certain and severe. It seemed to me that a one strike law would be much more effective. You have to pay the full, maximum penalty with no time off for whatever and no plea bargaining for first-time offenders. Then I thought, well, a cagey criminal would get arrested for jumping a turnstile before he started robbing gas stations. Then I thought, that would be a really funny society, in which people were voluntarily turning themselves in so they could commit other crimes and the police had to go out and prove that the people did what they said they did. Then I thought, that would be a really funny movie about a guy who planned a huge heist, but had to get arrested first so he could plea bargain should he be caught, and was unable to get arrested no matter what he did.


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