Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I read a very interesting letter to the editor last Friday, but I'm only getting around to blogging about it now. Essentially, the author argued the presidency was both too big and too important a job to be entrusted to one man. He suggested that we replace the presidency with a troika set up like the senate, in which one president would be elected every two years for a single term of six years. As an added bonus, which he didn't bring up, assassination would by much more complicated.

Troikas seem to have a profound weakness, historically speaking, in that one of the troika tends to kill the other two and become dictator for life (or Ceasar) in the process. I can think of two ways around this situation. The first is the institution of the vice president. If one of the presidents mysteriously dies, they would be immediately replaced. That should discourage any violent means of eliminating co-presidents. On the other hand, the new president would be much less experienced than the president he was replacing, and would very likely be ignored. A solution to that would be to replace all the presidents with their vice-presidents should one of the presidents die. The presidents would therefore have a very real incentive to keep each other alive. It just might work in a government with an established line of succession.


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