Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Legend of Zorro

I just finished watching the above movie, and do you know what I want? I want there to be a family adverture drama in which there are mischevious kids, and the kids end up getting everybody killed. There are so many movies in which the kids save the day, Spy Kids, The Mummy Returns, etc. You know what would have been much more realistic? If the kid did something stupid ("Stay here!" "But!" "Stay HERE!" ::kid sneaks out window::), the parents tried to save them, and ended up getting brutally murdered. Of course, Zorro did far too much swashbuckling and not nearly enough running people through, so the parents are apparently none to bright anyway--how many times did he fight the dude with the brand? Six? KILL HIM! And don't say VARLET either!


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