Monday, July 31, 2006

Death to opinions

From the Wisconsin State Journal Forum section on July 30.

In the United States, the military is supposed to be subordinated to the elected government...

Much of the reason that the military is unable to handle counter-insurgency warfare is that it is not used to functioning politically. We have overly subordinated the military.

...but many do not trust recent elections.

First, a perfect election is impossible. Second, all that is necessary is that the irregularities are not at a level sufficient to change the end result. Third, most of the protest in the previous elections was a result of the electoral college, which was part of the rules of the game, which are open and aboveboard. Change them if you want to, else shut up.

The corporate interests in armaments and the price of oil suggest that war is too profitable to leave to nation states.

Ironically, the concept that only nation states should be involved in war is fairly new. It dates from the peace of Westphalia, in 1648. Even after that private groups, for example, privateers, were extensively involved in the making of war. Corporations in that period up to about the time of the American Civil War often had their own armies. WalMart may be greedy and exploitative, but it isn't fielding troops yet.

Fundamentalist religious groups believe that spreading democracy or Zion or the caliphate are too important to leave to nation states.

First, Zionism was, at the time, seen as anti-religious. God was supposed to restore the kingdom to Israel, not man. The Zionist movement was opposed by most of the religious leaders of the time, and was led mainly by secular jews. Second, how is democracy linked to fundamental religious groups? Normally they are accused of attempting to suppress human rights to establish religious rule.


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Perhaps you could get your points to a broader audience in the Wisconsin State Journal forums. You could actually change some minds and find other people thinking about the subject.

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