Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Economic Crimes

I just read an article from the Washington Post about the penalties given for economic crimes: "That means you have to equate fiddling with the corporate books with first-degree murder or treason, ... any sentence over 20 years for anybody for an economic crime is hard to justify." It isn't to me. If you think that money is time--people's labor is the basic wealth creating unit, albeit leveraged by technology--then an economic crime is theft of time from another human. How much different is it to steal the rest of a person's life through murder than to steal it a few hours or days at a time through their money? It is a matter of degree, not kind.


Blogger Noumenon said...

I think it is a difference of kind, but I'm not sure which one is really worse. Just like a bum knee turns out to be worse for the psychology than a broken leg, I'd think the long duration of stealing someone's life economically would be a worse crime. But then again I don't think being murdered makes a person worse off, afterwards.

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