Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ten Questions: Number Ten

And finally, Question #10 – Why do Christians get divorced at the same rate as non-Christians? Christians get married in front of God and their Christian friends, all of whom are praying to God for the marriage to succeed. And then they say, "What God has put together, let no man put asunder." God is all-powerful, so if God has put two people together that should seal the deal, right? Yet Christians get divorced at the same rate as everyone else. To explain this, you have to create some convoluted rationalization.

I would have thought that they would have saved the hardest one for last, the coup de grace. Oh well, it's a bit of downer, but here I go.

First, this suffers from self-reporting bias. The term "Christian" includes the invisible church (true Christians), members of various churches, social Christians (church is an inexpensive social event), the "Christmas and Easter crowd" (Christians because it's tradition), and Christians because you have to be something. With each step up you contain more and more non-Christians who call themselves Christian. If you can find a means of narrowing the focus, the statistics change. I cannot find the study on the internet (because it was done long before the internet), that if you controlled for three factors which one might assume to be correlated with Christian belief--attending worship services, praying together, and reading Scripture together--the rate of divorce among Christians dropped to 0.5%, or about 1% of the general divorce rate.

Second, Christians are sinners. In that manner they are no different than non-Christians. If one thinks about the reasons people get divorced, the cause is sin every single time. If sin is a consequence of man's actions, then man is separating what God has joined together. The "with God there to seal the deal" is a misreading, for in order for God to "seal the deal" he would have to prevent us from sinning, which would eliminate free choice, and therefore love, and therefore is against his nature.

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Blogger Roger said...

Dennis Prager spoke on this subject early in 2007 and said that some Christians also make the mistake of taking their spouse for granted because of the vows they took. "Hah! You're stuck, no matter how I treat you!"

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