Sunday, March 25, 2007


Interesting idea I ran across in a real paper. Make having a full-time job a condition of parole. It seems like it would be a good idea, it would keep the parolee's out of trouble anyway, but the main problem I see with it is trying to get a job whilst in prison. Perhaps a conditional parole for a couple of weeks to find a job would be a better idea.


Blogger Karl said...

You do have scary incentive for companies that can use conscripted prisoner labor to lobby for more and more of it. Also for something like Huber work-release where the ones who work have to reimburse the county part of their room and board, so the prison system profits from them too. And the work conditions you can impose on people you can send back to jail any time. Just a lot of worries about exploiting people under state control.

Then again, look how many people we send to prison even when we lose big money on it, the profit motive couldn't make it much worse?

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