Friday, March 09, 2007

Spam, Spam, Spam and Spam

Interesting article: The SEC stops trading in some stocks who are suspected of being pumped and dumped via spam.

And a random thought: If you asked people whether the government should give everyone a check for $1,625 every year, knowing that it will be financed out of increased taxes, just about everyone would say no. If, however, you ask them if we should have universal health coverage, a lot of people would say yes, even though the second option is a much less efficient means of achieving the end than the first. By the way, $1,625 is the employee part of my insurance premiums for a year.


Blogger Karl said...

If the end were to get $1625 out of the government, most people would say yes to the first proposal, as most of them would pay less than $1625 in taxes (the bottom 80% pays 34% of federal taxes). But in truth most people would say no, preferring to express their values by voting for the public good. Maybe you think universal health care is nothing but an elaborate self-deception scheme to let people tell themselves they're voting for the public good and not in their own interest.

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