Friday, June 08, 2007


It seems somehow demeaning to blog about the Dilbert blog, but one paragraph in this post caught my eye: "As soon as you tell me “Carl joined a group,” I can tell you Carl is no longer as rational as he used to be. His judgment will start to conform to the group’s judgment, and the group’s judgment will be based on some ever-drifting sense of values that lost its rational connecting tissue long ago"

I would argue that Adam Smith's dictum, one should not make what one can more cheaply buy, applies equally well to thought. If one can have a well-researched and analyzed position on an issue simply by adopting that of a reputable source, a group, for instance, one should abandon thinking about it on one's own. After you've evaluated the group, there's little sense evaluating their decisions on anything more than a quality control basis, as they're probably less prone to error than you are.


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