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Da Vinci: Religious Organizations

My first impression of the book was the excessive number of chapters. One hundred and five, to be exact. To me, a chapter is roughly what can be easily read in a single sitting, about 20 to 40 pages, depending on the nature of the text. In the paperback I'm reading, there are only 4 1/2 tiny pages per chapter. But anyway, that's just my taste in books, so on to the real text.

From what I know of the text, and from the first few chapters, the antagonist organization, Opus Dei, is portrayed, as Wikipedia puts it, as being involved in a "sinister international conspiracy." I'm not going to argue whether or not it is as portrayed, (because if it is a secret society, odds are that its actions are secret) but I will discuss probabilities.

If Christianity is nothing more than loving Jesus, the probability of a religious organization being wholly good are better than the probability of any organization being wholly good. However, if, as Scripture depicts, there is a spiritual war in our world, we would expect that Christian organizations would be under heavy assault. How better to destroy a religious organization than to infiltrate and corrupt it?

Let me ask you, how many people have been turned away from Christ, and from religion in general, by the actions of a few priests and cultists? Could not Satan launch an attack on Christ by placing those with abhorrent practices into the church? For example, could he not deceive (for his is, after all, the Father of Lies) a man who is struggling with a tendency towards pedophilia that devoting his life to God would set him free? Satan would simply be playing the odds. For every dozen pedophiles who become priests and are set free by the Gospel they preach, there will be a few who continue in their perversion. Satan lost a dozen to the priesthood, but he kept many thousands away by the actions of the few.

Therefore, it is not implausible for any religious organization to be involved in sinister, evil activities. In fact, it is very probable for they are at the forefront of infiltration.

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Blogger Prof. Roger Kovaciny said...

I read testimony from two ex-Communists who infiltrated I think it was 1100 homosexuals into Catholic seminaries. The purpose was that their rampant promiscuity would corrupt the clergy and scandalize the faithful. This may have been in the book "Good-bye, good men," but I can't be sure.

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