Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Like a ship without a rudder

The Old Earth Creation group Answers in Creation, has an interesting critique of the recent AiG article about the construction of Noah's Ark. The main thrust is that the ocean would have developed strong currents (strong enough to force the ark to circumnavigate the globe several times), and that these currents, due to continental deflection, would force the ark into the gyres, thereby making it impossible to land in the mountains, because it would have been deflected to the middle of the ocean.

I believe he also ignores one critical area. The ark would not only catch the waves, but also a significant volume of wind flowing in the same direction as the primary current. If the ark did have a wind sail as proposed in the AiG article, it would have prevented it from turning with the current, and the wind caught by the bulk of the ark itself could have been sufficient to force it over the continental deflections.

The article cited in the paper also theorizes that areas of land would have been left dry by the piling effect of the continental deflections. This concern can be reduced by the sinking of the continents during a period of catastrophic plate tectonics, which would also reduce the total deflection of the continents.


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