Friday, February 15, 2008

You voted for HIM?

I have been pondering the inherent contradiction of a secret ballot and limiting suffrage to citizens. I think I have come upon a solution. Use some form of biometric I.D., but simultaneously make it illegal for use in any other purpose. For example, that biometric would be automatically disallowed for admission as evidence, in I.D., in searchable databases, and use by private industry. It would be and remain only a citizenship proof used only in voter registration.

It would, of course, have to be jealously guarded, and any infraction would have to be attacked desperately, (the social security number, for example, contains in its legislation that it is to be used for tax purposes only, and we see how well that works).

Anyway, I think palm prints, which are very widely available, and not useful for much besides I.D. (the downside of DNA is people need to use it for science, medicine, etc.), and not widely used, would be the best such biometric.


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