Thursday, August 14, 2008

Don't say anything at all.

A coworker asked me if I could think of one thing that President Bush had done right. I gave three:

1. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke.
2. Chief Justice John Roberts.
3. General David Petraeus.

Bernanke was widely lauded as the best man for the job, and though there is some debate about his decisions, none of them have been headslappingly wrong. Given what he's facing, he's doing a good job.

John Roberts embodies the ideal of a Chief Justice. By focusing and ruling on the narrow issues coming before him, he has aggravated those on both sides of the aisle--and there is no better testament to a cautious approach, which befits a chief justice. Let the Scalia's of the world writing the opinions with the grand pronouncements to influence the interpretation. Influence, don't enact.

David Petraeus, also lauded as the best man for the job, has presided over a (so far) turn around in the war. That achievement, and that he wrote the book on counter-insurgency, demonstrates his quality.

I suppose it's only one thing that Bush does right. He finds good people (yes, I know about Harriet Miers). The trouble is that he is President, and not Cabinet HR.


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