Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Duped Dads

Who Knew I was Not the Father?

The very long article above is about guys who find out years later that the kids they thought were their own aren't, yet are still made to pay child support.

All through the article the elephant in the room was, well, the real problem is adultery, it's just that adultery normally doesn't leave much evidence.

However, here's my two cents.

I think that the courts should make a distinction between the "father", who is biological, and the "daddy" who is relational. They are usually one and the same, but in this instance they are not. The father, in my mind, should bear physical responsibility--and thus the obligation of child support. The daddy should bear emotional responsibility--and the attendant rights to custody, visitation, etc.

You can be a daddy without being the father, as many an adoptive family has proven.


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