Sunday, March 14, 2010

Green barcodes

Here's my simple plan: all packaging comes with a green, 2D barcode that contains the recycling information. It would make recyclables easy to sort by machine, you could put a lot more detail (additives and whatnot), and, by mandating that everything have it, you would encourage companies to use recyclable materials.


OpenID bruce-church said...

Good idea now that USB bar code readers are so cheap, every PC should come with one:

Cheap barcode reader - $8 at eBay. Scan (or 10-key it in)
the ISBN of your books into Google's My Library and then search your books online:

USB CueCat barcode reader/scanner:

12:01 AM  
OpenID bruce-church said...

Similar news story to your post, but doesn't mention recycling:

New German Phone App for Consumers
Scan Barcodes, Make the World a Better Place

By Christian Teevs,1518,686416,00.html

No more poring through the small print on the packet. New barcode-scanning software for mobile phones allows consumers to check what's in the food, whether the product harms the environment and even how the firm treats its staff. The German inventors insist that they're not idealistic do-gooders -- they just want to realize their idea, and make money.

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