Saturday, April 24, 2010

Book Review: The Pulpit Speaks on Race

Davies, Alfred T, ed., The Pulpit Speaks on Race. Abingdon Press: New York, 1965.

Reading this book right after Chapter 1 of Moonotheism was a breath of fresh air. A book of peace, love, and compassion was exactly what I needed. I am always amazed how the Bible continues to speak. When slavery was a part of every society, the Bible pricked men's consciences. When we were divided by race, it goaded us on. And today, the same words, "Love your neighbor as yourself" compel us to examine our actions (and find them wanting). No matter how moral we may seem, how much better than those who came before us, it always forces us to take another step.

A couple of random comments, because that's what I'm good at:

First, coming before Whitcombe and Morris, it is astonishing how deeply evolution had penetrated the church at this point. I remember being shocked at how C.S. Lewis accepted it as a matter of course, and everyone who touched on the subject in this volume accepted it. One minister even referred to Genesis 1 as "the creation myth." I am glad that I am alive when I am alive. Had Creation Science not existed when I wore a younger man's clothes, I doubt I would be a Christian today.

Second, I'm glad I didn't live in the 60's.



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