Monday, June 14, 2010

Book Review: Moon-o-theism, Chapter 4

Chapter four was excellent. In it, Yoel Natan traces how the chapters of the Koran (by the way, I continue to spell it Koran per T.E. Lawrence, who said that there are two systems of transliterating Arabic: oversimplified and overcomplicated. Occam's razor tells me which one to pick), reflect his exposure to other religious. The early chapters reflect his pagan origins, with all the detritus thereof, and the later chapters reflect his interactions with Arab Jews and Christian sects.

This chapter is devoted to the pagan influences. If it does anything, it shows the need for original languages, and why one cannot rely on translations. The "disjointed letters" about which he spends so much time would probably be omitted (or have their meaning assigned) in an English translation.

Anyway, another chapter worth the read.

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Blogger Noumenon said...

That one does sound good. I always enjoy similar behind-the-scenes looks at the writing of the Bible.

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