Saturday, July 03, 2010

Book Review: Moon-o-theism, Chapter 7

I'm in volume two!

Only a few hundred more pages to go (unless I decide to delve into the back matter).

Chapter seven argues that Judaism had becomes very much an astrological religious by the time of Mohammad, and it was these features that Mohammad adopted.

This chapter needs to be either vastly expanded or omitted.

This is so far outside my realm of understanding of Judaism, and I presume, therefore, outside of most everyone's, that it would take much more than the 19 pages devoted to it to convince me. If this is critical to the thesis, it needs to be developed much more thoroughly.

If it is not critical, however, it should probably be left aside. When making a revolutionary argument as these volumes do, it's best not to go off on equally controversial tangents.

Perhaps there is more on this in later chapters. We shall see.

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