Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book Review: War on the Mississippi

Korn, Jerry. War on the Mississippi: Grant's Vicksburg Campaign. The Civil War. Time-Life Books; Alexandria, VA, 1985.

I started this series several years ago in a different state. I discovered that they had them in the library here, so I read them occasionally. Now I discover I'm going to be moving again, and can't count on being three times lucky, so I'm doing my best to finish up the series before I go.

Once he established the siege, I thought Grant's strategy was brilliant. He devoted only a token effort to keeping Johnston's forces out, but all of his work to keeping Pembrooke's force in. He argued to Sherman that if Johnston broke through, he would just be delivering more men into the trap. I never would have thought of that. Something so apparently simple as a siege can take so many forms, like the Soviets encircling Stalingrad, and then heading west, rather than taking the city, so that any breakout attempt would have farther to go.

Anyway, these are fun little books that only last me two days commute.



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