Saturday, September 04, 2010

Book Review: The Fight for Chattanooga

Korn, Jerry. The Fight for Chattanooga: Chickamauga to Missionary Ridge. The Civil War. Alexandria, VA; Time-Life, Inc., 1985.

There must be a natural tendency to reinforce failure. Despite the victories in the West, the Union continually reinforced the Eastern theater and left the dregs for the western armies. All they really needed to do was put enough emphasis on the eastern front to keep the Army of Northern Virginia in Northern Virginia. Everything else should have been sent West.

I was also reminded of something that made me realize part of Freakonomics was most likely wrong. Freakonomics argued in one part that castles were placed not on the crest of the hill, but farther down, so they could better dominate the trade routes below. I'd wager that the castles were positioned on the "military crest" rather than the true crest. The military crest is the point that maximizes the line of site of a fortification. It may not be as high as possible, but it gives them the best vantage point.



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