Monday, November 08, 2010

Book Review: Moon-o-theism, Chapter 13

This chapter was great. I hadn't realized how the viewers perspective of the Hatim Wall at the Kaaba mimicked the phases of the moon during the Hajj circumambulation, or how the same effect is achieved by running back and forth between the mountains during the Hajj.

This seems like a powerful proof of his thesis to me. It's not something that happens by accident; it is quite evidently designed (a single instance perhaps, but two ceremonies that achieve the same result?) And both ceremonies are strongly, visually linked with the moon.

Yoel Natan also mentioned how many religious practices are mandated to be performed at night, which one would expect of moon worshipers. He didn't mention the Feast of Ramadan in this chapter, but I think that's a prime example. For a whole month, most pious Muslims sleep much of the day and have an all-night feast. If anything forces you to be up at night, being unable to eat or drink during the day would do it.

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