Monday, March 07, 2011

Extreme Couponing

I've read a good half-dozen articles about Extreme Couponing--where people use a combination of coupons, promotions, and sales to acquire merchandise free or mostly free. In every one of those articles, mention is made of the "surly" clerks at the stores they patronize. Most of the articles also include a remark to the effect, "It's not THEIR money."

In a way, however, it is. The clerks at these stores are rated on how many items they scan per hour. When someone comes in with six coupons per item, requests that they ring it up as a separate transaction after every three items, or any of the other techniques used to beat the system, it slows the clerks way down. For an already marginal employee, it may mean the difference between a job and unemployment.

I would bet that the "surly" clerks are the ones on the verge of losing their jobs.


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