Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Competitive Healthcare


When you introduce a species into a wide-open niche, its population and diversity expands wildly. Once the niche is full, natural selection begins to take its toll, the population stabilizes into a cycle with its resources and much of the diversity is trimmed off.

In America's healthcare system today, we have a wide open niche. Our system is designed to keep pumping more and more money into it, so the inhabitants of that niche expand vociferously and diversify greatly. There is no population pressure. Other than introducing predators to the healthcare system (which would be a fun experiment), we can generate greater healthcare efficiency simply by closing the niche. The inefficiency providers will go out of business and things will be standardized. In effect, to pay less for healthcare, we need to pay less for healthcare. Make them fight for the money rather than dumping it on them.


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