Octavo Dia

Thursday, December 22, 2011

On Not Bothering to Do Any Research

I don't have any major beef with the first four paragraphs of this Telegraph article. However, the last paragraph really annoys me, because it demonstrates and entire disregard for doing any sort of research:

"I've moaned about this before, but it is completely baffling to me why evolutionary biology, and not cosmology or plate tectonics or radio-carbon dating, has become the whipping boy for science-denying creationists. Those other three are just as solid in their refutation of a literal reading of religious works. Maybe it's a visceral dislike of the idea of sharing a common ancestor with apes. But whatever it is, the education of millions of children, in Turkey, in Britain and around the world, is being harmed by people – parents, teachers, government officials – with a simple-minded interpretation of their religion. Evolution is a fact, like gravity (and a theory, like gravity). Some parts of some holy books might seem to disagree, but then a part of the Bible seems to imply that π=3. It's a real shame to see the Turkish government, and British students, go down the route of believing a book of metaphors over the evidence of the world."

Okay, it took me a grand total of 2:46 to address five of the issues in his rant. Apparently that was too much work.