Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Get disenfranchised (like a boss)

I've read innumerable articles about requiring photo ID in order to vote. This week's Economist provided the latest one, and included an argument that is part of pretty much every article on the topic:

"Democrats argue that such provisions have the effect of disenfranchising minorities, young people and the poor, who are more likely to lack suitable ID than other groups (and who mostly vote for them)."

This is fundamentally an identification issue, not a voting issue. Why don't the young and the poor have ID? If the problem is that it is too expensive, then the solution is reducing the fees. If the problem is that they don't have traditional evidence of identity, then the solution is a regulatory change to allow more discretion in evaluating evidence of identity. If the problem is that they don't have access to an issuing office, then the solution is to provide more access.

There is no situation in which improving access to identification is not a better solution than disallowing ID requirements at the polls.


Anonymous Rachel Smith said...

Totally agree, Larry!
I find it interesting how people can come up with so many excuses for why they can't do something. The Marine Corps has a saying for that... However, reduced fee id's in CA are $6, and about the only thing you don't need an ID for in the US is voting, which is a shame, considering all the voter fraud going on. I highly doubt that those advocating no ID's have ever talked to a low income minority ~ although they have probably talked down to them. Much less, can they put themselves in 'their shoes'.

11:32 PM  
Blogger Noumenon said...

I think the obstacles are already low enough to not present a huge impediment to voting. I think the problem is that they don't care enough about voting to take the time to go get an ID. Which makes sense, because voting is basically worthless. But like, imagine if American Idol decided to cut down on voter fraud by requiring you to call in and register your phone number one week before. Even if that free and easy, it would still cut way down on voting.

6:15 AM  
Blogger Octavo Dia said...

Noumenon - I think that the ease of voting is a great deal of the problem. People do not value that which is free. I think there's a golden mean in which voting is difficult enough to be valued, but not exclusively hard.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Roger Kovaciny said...

The first American revolution said "No taxation without representation!" The next one needs to demand: "No representation without taxation!" It is nothing but legalized theft and thuggery for people who pay no taxes, and in fact receive numerous government benefits, to be able to vote (even before they are citizens!) on how high those benefits should be. I wish I could post what somebody sent me--what happens to illegal aliens in a dozen countries, ranging from heavy fines to slave labor camps. Then, below it, were the dozen BENEFITS that illegal aliens, a.k.a. undocumented Democrats, get rewarded with as soon as they manage to break American law successfully and cross one of our borders, or overstay a visa.

6:48 AM  
Anonymous halim said...

i Like that.....

10:59 AM  

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