Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Two State Solution

Just a random thought: I'm pretty sure that the Two-state Solution for Israel and Palestine wouldn't work any better than the South African homelands.


Blogger Yoel Natan said...

That map you linked to brings up some interesting points. S Africa was divided among three main races, not two as one would think. White settlers thoroughly mixed in with blacks for four hundred years, leading to half the country being held by Blacks, the other half by "coloreds" (a word not loaded with derogatory content in S Africa like in the US), and bits here and there by whites. The US South would look more like S Africa if it weren't for strict racial segregation since the 1600s. Even with the segregation, nearly all Blacks in America have some percentage of European genes, and a third of white Americans have between 2 and 20 percent African genes:

One-third of white Americans, according to some tests, will possess between two and 20 per cent African genes. The majority of black Americans have some European ancestors.
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Not White Enough, Not Black Enough


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